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General information[editar]

Article 1 - Name[editar]

Wikimedia Colombia - Foundation for the promoting of free knowledge, is referred by this law as a society of private right, for Non Profit organization, with social interest and limited responsability. It has a number of members and a social patrimony with not limits, and it is referred from now on as Wikimedia Colombia, ruled by this law and by the general dispositions that ruled the organizations for Non Profit of private right.

Article 2 - Territory[editar]

Wikimedia Colombia has as its main headquarter the city of Bogotá, the capital of the Republic of Colombia. The operations of the Foundation include all the Colombian territory and even Colombian instituions and communities of official recognition outside the country.

Article 3 - Duration[editar]

The duration of Wikimedia Colombia is undefined, but it can evoled or ended at any time according with the ways contemplated by this law and accordingly with legal norms at the case.

Article 4 - Promoting organization[editar]

Wikimedia Colombia is promoted by Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Colombia is a "National Chapter" of Wikimedia in Colombia. From now this law will refer to the promoting organization as Wikimedia Foundation.

Article 5 - Social Objective[editar]

The social objective of Wikimedia Colombia is promote and develop the free knowledge in Colombia by the mean of supporting the proyects of Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikimedia Colombia serves as the promoting organization of Wikimedia Foundation and its projects within the territory of the Republic of Colombia and the promoting institution of the Colombian nation within the projects of Wikimedia Foundation like "Wikipedia in Spanish", Wikisource in Spanish", "Wikilibro", "Wikinoticias", "Wikcionario", among other projects in Spanish and in other languages. All these projects are referred like the projects of Wikimedia.

Wikimedia Colombia works to promote the empowerment of the Colombian legislation in the promotion and protection of the free knowledge generated by the Colombian State.

Wikimedia Colombia is also an instrument to canalize resources to promote the projects of Wikimedia Foundation and the existence and protection of the free knowledge in Colombia.

Article 6 - Objectives[editar]

According with the social objective, Wikimedia Colombia has the following objectives:

  1. Looking for volunteer resources for the Wikimedia Foundation.
  2. Working for a complete and correct presentation of information about Colombia in the projects of Wikimedia.
  3. Doing an organize scheme and a resume of the legilsation about the rights of author and rights of copy in Colombia, especially in what refers to free knowledge and contents.
  4. Promoting legislation favor to the protection of free knowledge in Colombia and promoting thet the information provided by the Colombian State comes to be under free licenses.
  5. Promoting the aborigine languages of Colombia and their cultures with the creation of Wikimedia projects in those local languages.
  6. Promoting the development of chapters in other countries of the region and developing a good net of relations to deal with commons subjects.
  7. Promoting the participation of Colombians living abroad to the benefit of the projects of Wikimedia Foundation in what is related to Colombia.


Article 7 - Definition[editar]

The members of Wikimedia Colombia are natural or juridical persons that suscribed the act of foundation as founder members.

Members are also those who applied to the foundation and were admitted according to this law and rules.

Article 8 - Member categories[editar]

The persons who can be members of Wikimedia Colombia are those who are legally capable or those juridical persons, which are legally registered before the Colombian authorities. Both natural and juridical persons can be full members, contributing members or inactive members.

At the same time, the Foundation can give the distinction of Honorary Member to those natural persons who have given an important contribution to the Foundation or to its objectives. The honorary members have the same rigts that the full members.

Article 9 - Admissions[editar]

To be a full name, a natural or juridical person shall meet the following conditions:

  1. Send the application to the President of Wikimedia Colombia commiting himself to the social and specific objetives of the Foundation.
  2. Be ready to work in a personal and voluntary way to fullfil the social and specific objectives of the Foundation.
  3. Not being suspended of his/her civil rights.
  4. Being legally able.
  5. Paying the admision fee to the Foundation as it is determined by the Board of Trust.
  6. Paying the ordinary and extraordinary fees determined by the law and rules and approved by the Assembly of the Foundation.
  7. Providing all the personal, labor and family information needed and acept its verification.
  8. Other conditions determined by the law, the rules and regimens.

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