Wikiencuentro Cali 2017/Grant

De Wikimedia Colombia
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Encuentro de Wikimedistas en Cali, preparación para la Wikimedia Colombia Conference

Wikimedistas de Colombia/Wikiencuentro Cali 2017
Meeting of Wikimedians in Cali with the purpose of integrate them to the group, inform then about our activities of the last years and invite some of them to a bigger meeting that will happen in Bogotá (National meeting)


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Project Goal[editar]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed.

  • Socialize with community members
  • Organize a community project
  • Add or improve content
  • Recruit new editors

Project Plan[editar]


1. What is the purpose of the meeting and why is it important to your community? We want to apply what we learned in the past years (Wikimedia Conference, Iberoconf) to build a community in Cali. Right now Wikimedians of Colombia UG has a lack of members. There are editors and contributors in the Wikimedia Projects from Colombia, but somehow it was difficult for us to engage them to being part of the group. Nowadays we count with 3 active members (2 of them in Cali), and sometimes other 1-3 members actually helping, to organise all the activities of the group. That's a huge problem now for us, because some of our members are getting more and more busy with work and family. We need a new generation of members, and we plan to engage them before old members burnt out.

We learned that meet people offline matters. Know them. Talk to them in a friendly way is really helpful and very important to build up an active community. That's why we're planning this Wikimeeting: to meet new people, invite them to the group and create an active community capable organise new and more creative projects for us.

2. How will you let participants know about the meeting? We created a request for a Central Notice in Meta and a page in our wiki for information purposes as landing page. Also we will, starting at 1st August, use all our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, FB groups & Instagram) to call people to attend the event. We created a page in one of the most popular websites of events in the city.

3.How will you keep participants engaged after the meeting is over? We often create plans to organise events or participate in them, but for lack of members we can success organise all of them. We want that new members administrate some of the social media pages (principally Instagram) and to help in the organisations of future contest. Would be nice to organise for the first time in 2018 Wiki Loves Earth, and come back with a new edition of Wiki Loves Monument this year or the next. More hands to organise Wikivacaciones (our homemade Wiki-Loves-like context) would be really helpful. Keep more communication with other chapters and groups (as Iberocoop) and eventually work with them also requires more active people in the group. Planning a national-wide event.


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  • Number of total participants


  • Number of people who will help organise the event



Elemento Unidades Precio total US aprox.
Subway Combo 15 184.500 62